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The ZRC Reviews ‘KIDZ’

The Zombie Rights Campaign pays special attention to the way that Anti-Zombie demagogues and raving Zombie hating conspiracy theorists try to market their violence and depravity toward children. Whether it’s cutesy Anti-Zombie videogames like Plants vs. Zombies making their way into American homes, potentially Anti-Zombie messaging in children’s books or vicious pranks against Zombies alongside the roads near public schools, we’re always looking out for the impressionable minds of the next generation.

But what happens when the next generation is shamelessly exploited, employed in crass mercenary fashion to convey an Anti-Zombie message? How successful has the Anti-Zombie Media-Industrial Complex been in brainwashing these vulnerable individuals against the Differently Animated, and how willing would they be to help indoctrinate their cohorts?

Tragically, we got to see some disturbing answers in a new short film available on Youtube entitled ‘KIDZ’:

After their parents are killed in the zombie apocalypse, a trio of kids battles for survival.
DEAD ON FILM 2010 Zombie Short Film Competition
Rio Theatre, Vancouver, Canada

‘KIDZ’ is indeed a harrowing short film. Starting off with an inexplicable ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ scenario in suburbia, the end of the world quickly finds three young children alone in their home with a stash of poorly secured firearms and knives between them and, well, your typical cinematic ‘hordes’ of Zombies. Adopting costumes and personas ala Kick-Ass or Watchmen, these children proceed to a vicious campaign of Living Supremacist violence, culminating in a savage attack on a schoolyard full of Zombies their own age.

Shocking. Revolting. Terrifying.

Although the ending attempts to put the genie back in the bottle somewhat, the damage, I think, was long since done by that point. These child actors have been turned into propagandists for a pogrom against the Differently Animated, violent poster-children for intolerance, exclusion and mayhem against those who just happen to be different than themselves.

Zombie children have parents too, you know. Often also Zombies.

The ZRC must therefore once again present another short film glorifying violence against the Differently Animated with our lowest rating, that of Living Supremacist.

Shame on the whole lot of you.

Special dishonor for using children in this crass manner to peddle your divisive hate.

The full film is embedded below for our more stalwart readers to see.

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