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More ‘Call of Duty’ Video Explains How This is All George Romero’s Fault

Some additional video and information has come out about the upcoming Anti-Zombie expansion for ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ and, surprise surprise, it’s all George Romero’s fault somehow:

So the story in-game seems to be that Mr. Romero was shooting another one of his Anti-Zombie films and somehow awoke, and clearly angered, the Differently Animated, who may or may not have been the subject of some dastardly experiment to start with. Shocking, I know, but Romero seems to sow discord wherever he goes. Can you really blame these Zombies for getting upset? I mean, think about it from their perspective. George Romero, of all people, comes to film an exploitative Anti-Zombie flick on your doorstep.

I know I’d be outraged if he set up shop in the street outside the ZRC Compound.

Clearly, this whole thing is his fault.

Thanks to the Horror Society for pointing this out.

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