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Anti-Zombie Film ‘Remains’ Based on Novel by ’30 Days of Night’ Author Steve Niles Filming in Connecticut

I was not a fan of ‘30 Days of Night‘ as a graphic novel. The story lurches around, especially toward the end, and Ben Templesmith‘s artwork should be the new dictionary definition for ‘murky’.

Plus, it’s really unkind toward our allies in the larger Undead Solidarity movement, the Vampire community. We’re not talking ‘Twilight’ bad, but it’s not a pretty picture the comics paint of Vampirism, either.

Thus when I learned that a ‘Zombie’ movie was being based on another graphic novel by ’30 Days of Night’ author Steve Niles, I was very apprehensive, and sure enough I was right to be wary:

“Did you hear? They’re going to make the movie up there, on the roof,” a man says to his friend, pointing to The Wauregan, a six-story apartment building in Norwich that was the set for the 11th day of shooting of the zombie movie “Remains.”

The film — slated to make a limited theater release before airing on NBCUniversal’s Chiller Network in early 2012 — has a cast list that includes actors from some of television’s biggest shows, including “Heroes,” “Lost,” “True Blood” and “Fringe.” Evalena Marie of Granby also stars.

Set in Reno, Nev., the movie follows a group of individuals — played by Evalena Marie, Grant Bowler (“Ugly Betty,” “True Blood”), Tawny Cypress (“Heroes”), Miko Hughes (“Pet Sematary”) and Lance Reddick (“Fringe,” “Lost”) — who have survived a catastrophic radiation event that kills most people and turns most survivors into zombies.

“Our zombies are not anything superhuman. Whatever you are is what you are as a zombie,” Gernhard says. “You don’t have the intelligence that you had but they’re not dumb; they’re more like predators.”

Although most mainstream zombies yearn for one thing — brains — the film’s zombies will eat everything, including people, food, plants, animals and inanimate objects.

“They have this unbelievable hunger,” he says.

First of all, Miko Hughes? As in, Gage Creed from Pet Sematary?

So he’s gone from playing a Zombie-like victim to victimizing Zombies on film? That’s a sad career progression.

Just look at the way the movie and the local press are portraying the Differently Animated, however. ‘Unbelievable hunger’ they say, and as a Zombie you ‘don’t have the intelligence that you had’, you’re a ‘predator’.

The condescension toward the Undead, along with the irrational fear, oozes from between every line. Disgusting.

We are shocked and appalled by the news of this cinematic slander and will keep you updated here on the blog.

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