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‘Keep Calm and Crack Skulls’ Really? Seriously?

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of the modern re-imaginings of the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ image from World War II. Here in Madison it was very readily taken up by the protesters and used on all sorts of things, for example.

Ironically enough, despite its relatively recent and immense popularity, it never served its intended purpose as a mass morale raiser in World War II:

Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of World War II, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion. Seeing only limited distribution, it was little known. The poster was rediscovered in 2000 and has been re-issued by a number of private sector companies, and used as the decorative theme for a range of other products. There are only two known surviving examples of the poster outside government archives.[1]

Basically these posters were meant to counteract fear and hopelessness in the face of the horrors of war. Naturally, the Anti-Zombie crowd, possessing virtually no-empathy for the Differently Animated, have found a way to pervert this message of solidarity:

Forget about Carrying On, take the fight to the enemy during the zombie apocalypse! A take on the popular WWII British slogan, this shirt will definitely keep your morale up during an undead outbreak

For shame.

(the smaller logo at the top reads ‘Zombie Combat Club’, btw)

This isn’t the first time the British poster concept has been twisted in this manner either, according to our informants at BuyZombie, which begs the question: what, exactly, is wrong with these people?!

The shirt is available at Zazzle for those who are into ironic clothing purchases.

The ZRC meanwhile rates this shirt as Anti-Zombie.

Crack skulls? Why not work on beating prejudice instead?

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  1. Tobi Vanduyn says:

    [..YouTube..] That’s because you are too young to understand.I bet you don’t even like the genesis games.

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