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This Week: The Dark Carnival!

The ZRC will be a bit busy later this week attending The Dark Carnival. Here are a few highlights! (and we hope to see some Zombie Rights Supporters there)

Friday: “Monster’s Ball” Party 8 pm at Jake’s Nightclub

Live Music, Monsters and Mayhem, sure to be a Zombie Friendly Outing as well

Films We *Need* to See at The Dark Carnival:

‘A Chance in Hell’

We caught a trailer for this Nazi-Zombie film at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival way back when, actually, and now it’s going to be on the big screen! Can’t wait to.. probably hate it. But it looked seriously original, so if it’s offensive, it should be original offense.

‘Dead Friends’

Just listen to this description:

William Martin, Director
Vancouver, BC
12 min

Nine year old Lola Turtle’s only companion is her treasured and tattered stuffed bunny Mister Wimperbottom… until she finds a way to grow her very own Dead best friend.

I need to see this movie so badly it hurts. A Zombie Friendly short film for kids? Can it be?

Finally, of the preliminary film list, we have this:

Fitness Class Zombie
Chris Walsh, Director
Ontario, CA
47 seconds

This super short, super intense stop motion animation illustrates how to lose weight the UNDEAD way!

Yes, he’s at it again. Remember ‘Rise of the Living Corpse’, the shortest Anti-Zombie film on record (so far as we know)?

We reviewed it here if you need to refresh your memory.

Obviously the ZRC will be picketing this one. Granted, the picket signs will take about as long to read as the movie takes to watch!

There are also many seriously intriguing looking films at the festival that don’t seem to involve Zombies. Those aren’t our strong suit but I’m sure they’ll be entertaining. And if years past are any indication there will be a film or two that keeps its Zombie focus under wraps in the previews as well.

If possible I also want to hit the special effects workshop this year. I keep missing those and they’re always apparently awesome. While there I could promote the more tolerant depiction of Zombies on film to special effects gurus who probably hear the other side of the story a lot and could really use the outreach.

Outreach is, after all, what we do best.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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