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Interesting Interview with Patricia Tallman

A fascinating Q&A with Patricia Tallman of the Savini ‘Night of the Living Dead’ is up at BuyZombie. Needless to say we read this with great interest here at the ZRC and suggest you do the same. A highlight:

6). As this is a zombie site, tell me about your experiences on “Night Of The Living Dead”.

The zombies were very graphic and real. Being a Savini film the effects were very important, and he loves making violence as technically real as possible. I was grossed out on a daily basis. It’s not something I enjoy. I can appreciate it, but do not like it. I don’t go to horror movies, I don’t like zombies cause they are too disturbing and give me nightmares. I know this is a zombie site, and you all might be disappointed in me, but that’s the truth.

But Ms. Tallman, can’t you see, the ‘Zombies’ that grossed you out and scare you to this day weren’t real, they were creations of a diseased mind, namely, Tom Savini’s diseased mind!

If you’d get to know some actual, Unliving, possibly breathing (or not!) members of the Differently Animated community, you could get past those fears and finally find some peace.

Not to mention reconciliation with an entire group of people your work, sadly, helped alienate from their Living brethren.

We’re here to help, and ready to assist at any time.

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