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An Anti-Zombie Pinup Calendar?

This could have been a positive, image-changing project but I gather that it indulges in a lot of negative stereotyping about Zombies instead:

The 2012 Zombie Pinup Calendar has arrived! Gorgeous &
Gory exhibits a variety of uniquely seductive images. The
styling of each photo is unlike any other, and at the center of
each vision creeps a bewitchingly beautiful brain-eater.
Each calendar is professionally printed on high quality, heavy
grade, coated paper, and fastened together with an attractive
metal binding. The new layout extends to a full 11” x 22” when
opened. Date boxes have been incorporated into the design,
allowing plenty of room for writing, planning, and scheduling.

Leaving aside the stereotype that all Zombies are, as described here, ‘brain-eaters’, why must Zombies be defined by the peculiarities of their dietary requirements?

Do we refer derisively to those with Coeliac disease as ‘wheat-avoiders’? Diabetics as ‘insulin-injectors’?

I thought not, and detect a double-standard.

And of course, the calendar is sold as a way to plan for the ‘Apocalypse’.

Right. Apocalypse. An apocalypse that, apparently, is also full of eye-candy for your patrons?

I don’t know what these people are thinking.

Pick a side, calendar makers! Come to think of it, why would anyone need a calendar in the Apocalypse?

Not like you’re going to be keeping a lot of appointments or scheduling meetings, right?

Did I just negate the entire premise? Hmm. Oh well.

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