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New ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Poster Shows Lasting Cultural Impact of Romero Film

It’s not many movies that inspire labors of grisly love like this so many decades after their release:

George A. Romero’s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead is the kind of movie that continues to lay the chills on hot and heavy decades after its release. The good thing for us? The merch surrounding it is pretty nifty, too. Case in point: the following poster.

“My work often tends to veer towards darker themes, so when I was presented with the chance to pay tribute to Romero’s classic, I jumped at the opportunity,” says Domaradzki. “Conceptually, I wanted to do something different, something that wouldn’t be obviously apparent upon first glance. I arranged the composition in a way that the characters worked together to create the shape of a skull, the symbol of death. It took time to get just right, but in the end the result is just as I had visualized.”

I won’t post the image here; it’s pretty disturbing stuff. You can go view it at DreadCentral if you like; suffice it to say the Anti-Zombiism is pretty overt, with the tagline ‘They Won’t Stay Dead’ and the skull dripping blood layout. Why should Zombies have to ‘stay dead’? They don’t say, but the implication is obvious: because they’re Zombies, and we don’t want them around.

Right. Who’s the bad guy here again?

This is of course a disturbing reminder of the power of the cultural iconography we’re combating here at the ZRC. Few films have this kind of staying power, make this kind of impact on the popular psyche; it would do all of us in the Zombie Rights Movement well not to underestimate it.

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