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Latest ‘Resident Evil’ Movie Injures People Even Before It’s Released

Update: I kind of forgot to post this one, but I believe the subject matter, ie, the horrible new RE movie in the works, is still relevant to The Cause.

I hadn’t actually expected the hospitalizations from the new ‘Resident Evil’ movie to crop up until audiences were subjected to it and turned to gouging out their own eyes to stop the pain, but apparently it’s getting off to a brisk start during filming:

CNN can confirm that eleven background actors were hospitalized after an accident on the Toronto set of Sony/Screen Gems’ “Resident Evil: Retribution” Tuesday.

The actors were filming when they fell through a gap created when a four-foot high platform separated from the set at Cinespace Film Studios. According to Deadline, the 16 people who were injured in total were in costume as zombies.

The cynic in me wonders if the production took less care to safeguard actors portraying Zombies out of lingering, perhaps even subconscious, Anti-Zombie prejudice.

Lead Anti-Zombie Actress Milla Jovovich, meanwhile, has apparently taken to visiting the worst injured actress in the hospital:

The movie’s star Milla Jovovich has been visiting one particular zombie extra at a Toronto hospital.

“I promised her that I would come and see her every week while I’m here to give her support and strength in her recovery,” the actress tweeted Tuesday of actor April, who she reports is “in a lot of pain” with a back injury. “I can’t believe she said she wants to come back and finish her part, she’s incredible.”

Now if only Milla could demonstrate nearly as much compassion toward the actual Zombies her movies insult! Not to mention the portion of the audience, Zombie and Living alike, who are sadly still in possession of consciousness when they watch the trainwrecks that these movies have become over the life of the series. (RE: Afterlife, I maintain, will one day be prohibited by an update to the Geneva Conventions)

The ZRC wishes all involved a speedy recovery, and of course, greater enlightenment toward Zombie Rights in the future.

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