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An Anti-Zombie ‘Reality-Show’ Web-Series?

Is there anything more soul-crushing than ‘Reality TV’?

I mean, aside from the train-wreck-worthy shows where people compete at belting out showtunes in front of millions upon millions of viewers who really could get much better free music by just going to Pandora, you have shows that feature people eating live bugs or swapping spouses or having some tyrannical super domestic help run their lives.

It’s like a pageant of the absolute lowest, strangest behavior of the species splashed all over the screen. How could it get worse?

Well, how about a fake Anti-Zombie Reality TV show?

Now here’s a fun idea for a web series. A Zombie reality TV show where in each episode someone dies (talk about a great way to vote people off the ‘island’ .. unfortunately it’s not going to be by vote.) Bonus? Just because someone dies doesn’t mean they are going to be off the show for good, they may always return for a little undead action! It looks like it’s a series that could be a lot of fun to watch for zombie enthusiasts everywhere!

In actuality, although ‘The Zombie Factor’ website is a bit sparse, it seems that this is a short film masquerading as a pilot for a fake Webseries about the inherent fakeness that is Reality TV.. with Zombie-bashing thrown in.


Just check out these teaser trailers:

I feel dirty, deep in my brain, just from watching those. They’ve certainly captured the painful sleaziness of a really awful, ‘Real World’ style TV show.

Did I just date myself with a ‘Real World’ reference? Too bad.

Credit (for Evil) where Credit is due, however: these people have put some thought into their fake TV, real prejudice project. There’s even Behind the Scenes material:

*plays the World’s Tiniest Violin for the ‘Zombie Wrangler’*

Oh boo-hoo! Your life is so hard, tasering innocent people just for being Undead then hauling them off to be abused and killed! Someone should give you a hug smack about the face and head.


Obviously if we get the chance the ZRC will review this entire short film to fully comprehend its obvious prejudice, but as of right now, ‘The Zombie Factor’ is being put on notice: you’re cruising for a Living Supremacist rating, people.

Just fair warning.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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