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ZRC Review: ‘Mutant’ (Rifftrax Edition)

| June 3, 2014

The Zombie Rights Campaign is getting back into reviewing Zombie (or more generally, Anti-Zombie) media products this summer, and first up is the 1984, ahem, classic ‘Mutant’ starring Wings Hauser and Bo Hopkins.

The Dishonored Dead: The Giveaway!

| September 6, 2013

The Zombie Rights Campaign loved ‘The Dishonored Dead’, as longtime readers will recall. Would you like to read it for free? Well here’s your chance! Don’t say we never gave you anything. Well, don’t say we never gave you the chance to win anything, at least.

Copyright Trolls Making Anti-Zombie Movies Just to Sue Downloaders?

| April 11, 2013

At The Zombie Rights Campaign we try to be flexible with copyright; after all, we release all our content via Creative Commons licenses. The important thing for us is the Zombie Friendly message. So seeing a nexus between copyright law abuses and Living Supremacism is particularly disheartening: Over the years, as rumors of the potential [...]

Something *Else* Offensive On Reddit

| April 1, 2013

I realize of course that Reddit is known for attracting, even reveling in negative attention, but nevertheless it must be noted that they’ve pulled a very cruel prank on the Zombie Community for April Fool’s, restyling their subreddit that is normally about Running (all very well and good) to be about Escaping Zombies (which is [...]

Dumb Ways to Die: Walking Dead Edition

| January 6, 2013

For those not hugely into internet memes, an Australian train company released a viral video ad campaign to promote safety around railroads called ‘Dumb Ways to Die’. It took off rather quickly, and as of now, has about 35 million views on Youtube. Naturally this led to parodies, and in particular we can heartily recommend [...]

Sneak-Peek at Zombie Bohemia – The Series

| August 4, 2012

Friends, it seems that some additional incentive is needed to support the ‘Zombie Bohemia – The Series’ Kickstarter campaign. Frankly I’m not sure why, but then I got to see the short film on the big screen so I’m a bit biased. Maybe people need a taste of what they’d be supporting? Well fortunately for [...]

Hey, Zombie Allies: Support ‘Zombie Bohemia’ The Series!!!

| July 19, 2012

The ZRC loved Zombie Bohemia. I mean, seriously loved it. A Zombie Friendly story about an Undead *artist* struggling to make an Unliving in the hyper-competitive Fine Arts world? And a cast and crew open to constructive criticism and advice from the Undead Rights Movement? Excellent. Now you, lucky Zombie Rights Allies of the Internet, [...]

Support Nuka Break Season Two

| June 13, 2012

We backed the first season of Fallout: Nuka Break and were rewarded with a Zombie Friendly good time (at some point the ZRC is going to do an in-depth analysis – it’s that good). Well, the second season of Nuka Break is wrapping up a Kickstarter and you should totally consider chipping in. It’s already [...]

Zombies Are ‘The Worst Thing To Happen to the Jersey Shore Since Snooki’?

| April 27, 2012

Our friends at the Horror Society alerted us to a fundraiser for upcoming, and clearly Anti-Zombie, project ‘Zombeach’: WHAT IS THIS? This is our newest project, “Zombeach”. It is a new kind of zombie apocalypse story. With the Jersey Shore giving the area a bad rap we are aiming to bring the focus back to [...]

‘Ask a Mortician’ Web-Series Bashes Zombies

| March 18, 2012

ZRC pal Michelle Hartz, author of ‘Brains for the Zombie Soul’ (which you’ll be able to buy at Horrorhound in ONE WEEK), sent us a link to this webseries featuring a mortician answering questions about death, and, here, about Zombies: I have to say, this is a truly unfortunate mishmash of fact and prejudice. Zombies [...]