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More Casual Zombie-Bashing from the Mainstream Media

What does a roundup of new tech-lit books have to do with casual Zombie-bashing?

Why not ask Kara Swisher? She seems to be a fan of Anti-Zombie prejudice, dropping little gems like:

It’s funny that they, and also Hoffman, are using the hopelessly analog term “blueprint,” but I like the retro feel.
No surprise, Thiel’s posse is unhappy with the pace of innovation, presumably underwhelmed by “Plants vs. Zombies” compared to the internal combustion engine.

In any case, before the zombies arrive to steal them, get your brains ready to think big thoughts.

Yes, once again, Zombies are depicted as penniless, violent, brain-obsessed savages, apropos of nothing. Delightful!

This is the sort of thing that fills my inbox some days. Groan.

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