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Lurch for the Cure Auction Items #6-7

These next two items are from a very big name in the horror world, and we’re extremely happy to bring them to our sale in Indianapolis in a few scant days.

A little backstory: after hearing from some friends that did an auction at Horrorhound that they got a particularly impressive donation from Tweeting a certain famous author about their event, the ZRC decided that it could try leveraging its Twitter account, normally used for updates on Zombie Rights topics and news stories, to get some swag to sell for charity.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to lingering prejudice against the Differently Animated, only one person we contacted via Twitter responded with a generous donation to the auction. That paragon of virtue was none other than Lloyd Kaufman, famed director of The Toxic Avenger, co-founder of Troma Studios and all-around larger than life personality. (For the Troma perspective on Mr. Kaufman’s career, see this entertaining bio piece).

Mr. Kaufman responded immediately with a kind offer of help for our cause, and this week a small but impressive package arrived in the mail, directly from Troma. Inside were two items that I hope you’ll empty your savings a bit to obtain:


First, an autographed copy of the Unrated Director’s Cut of none other than The Toxic Avenger. In addition to being signed by Mr. Kaufman this DVD is packed with extras and lost footage. If you’re a fan of independent horror, you need this. It’s better than crack. If you’re on crack right now, put down the pipe and save your money, then come to the Famous Monsters of Filmland convention on Saturday to bid on the DVD.

It’s cheaper than rehab.

Check out this autograph:


Now that’s a John Hancock.

How can we top that? Well, the next item should be near and dear to any aspiring independent filmmaker’s wallet/heart: the DVD box set of Direct Your Own Damn Movie, Lloyd’s feature length documentary on the ins-and-outs of directing and producing an independent movie. I mean, come on. If you want to make your own movie, who better to teach you how to do it and not go bankrupt or further insane?


This is a 4 DVD set, full of interviews, tips and sage advice, and you can get an autographed copy at the Lurch for the Cure Auction being held this upcoming Saturday in the Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention, with all proceeds going to cancer research.

See? Autographed.


Now you know you want it. Bring lots of money.

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