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Lurch for the Cure Auction Items # 8-9

This is going to have to be a fast post, as I’m here on the hotel wifi waiting to meet up with people for breakfast.

(I apologize for the lack of images, they will be added later in this space)

So, ZRC fans, we have a couple more items for the Silent Auction, which we’re going to run today from Noon to 6 pm at Famous Monsters of Filmland’s convention here at the Wyndham West in Indianapolis.

First up is a signed first-edition copy of a new novel by Bloomington writer and all around Zombie Rights supporter Michelle Hartz. Very swanky.

Here, have some info off the back cover:

After a car accident lands them in the field of a wind farm, 6 strangers split up to look for help. More than willing to help, what the Helper is offering is not the type of help they are looking for.

I’ll be writing a review of Helpless from a Zombie perspective shortly, but I’m told that it is Zom-friendly. From a purely materialistic perspective it’s a very nice book, better printed than a lot of the stuff I’ve gotten from Amazon, actually.

From a purely *mercenary* perspective, a signed first edition of a book by an up and coming author could double as a trust-fund in future years. If you had a signed first edition of some of Stephen King’s early work, you could probably retire to a tropical island.


Now, the second item for today is a ZRC original, and very limited edition. At this auction we are selling a print dealing with a very serious issue that I’ll get into more later: Sparkly Vampires.

Sparkly Vampires suck. They’re jerks, and they’re after your underage daughters. Zombies get villified while these glittery jailbait-chasers get a movie series and thousands of squealing fangirls?

Not on our watch, not without protest!

Hence, Zombies Forever.

You can see the print and download a handy desktop wallpaper here.

The regular prints, which are very nice fyi, are only 5 dollars at the con, with 2 of those dollars going to the Lynn Sage fundraiser. But this auction print is even more special; it’s a super limited edition of 1 copy, and we’re going to try to get as many Zombie-related people as possible here at the con to sign it.


Well, that’s it for now, Zombie fans.

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