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Welsh Anti-Zombie Novel Shows Prejudice Still Rampant in the UK

I wonder if our UK Zombie of the Year would be willing to take a fact-finding mission to Wales? It seems they have a bit of an Anti-Zombie problem there:

A HORROR author is achieving success in America with his latest novel – a tale of flesh-eating zombies set in the Gwent town of Usk.

It tells the story of two brothers living a privileged lifestyle in Usk who choose to lend a hand when a zombie epidemic comes to town.

The brothers invite people into the safety of their mansion home, but things soon start to go wrong and the fight for survival is taken into the town and later on to the Welsh capital.

Mr Jones, who often includes people he knows in his books, uses some of his fellow players from Usk Tennis Club as characters who meet gruesome deaths as the action unfolds.

Now see here, Wales! We have quite enough of that sort of inflammatory Anti-Zombie fiction already, thank you very much. Amazon hardly needs help moving more Undead-bashing literature!

Oh, poor, poor Wales, and especially Cardiff. First you’re infested with Time Lords, and now, Zombie haters? Some places just can’t catch a break.

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