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‘Acquired Taste’ Shirt Could’ve Been a Contender

Last week at the Art Director’s day job I was having lunch, and on the way back from the tray return in the cafeteria saw a Zombie-related shirt. Unfortunately I missed my chance to flag down the man wearing it so I could inquire as to its origin, and I went home wondering if I’d ever find it for a review.

Fortunately, Google knows all, and thus I located it at shirt.woot! . It’s called ‘Acquired Taste’, and on the surface is a cute, potentially Zombie Tolerant design:

Not so bad, right?

Now, I see a design like that and I think, ‘See? Zombies can have diverse opinions, wants, needs, even feel lonely when they don’t get along with a crowd of their peers.’

Then I read up about the shirt and had to feel cruelly deceived and betrayed:

First I didn’t know what was worse: being eaten alive by ravenous brain dead cannibals, or being partially eaten and infected with this virus or whatever, slowly dying only to rise and stalk my friends and family. I had no idea how much worse it could be. I’m fully conscious, aware of every moment, but trapped in a body completely taken over by a primal drive to consume living flesh while my mind screams in agony, feeling every deterioration as my body rots away.

It goes on like that. A LOT.

I feel dirty just having read it; can’t even imagine the shame one would feel wearing the shirt itself, given this odious stereotypical marketing material.

For shame, shirt.woot!

The ZRC rates this shirt, used as it is as a Trojan Horse for Anti-Zombie hatred, as ‘Living Supremacist’


It could’ve been so much more, Zombie Tolerant even, if only it wasn’t tied to all that hate.

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