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Famous Monsters Wrap-Up, Ongoing Auction’s Preliminary Results

Since the last ZRC post from the hotel lobby on Saturday night/early Sunday, the ZRC has had a busy time advancing the cause of Zombie Rights! We spent another fun-filled day in the vendor room at the FM convention, selling merchandise and auctioning off goods for Cancer Research, as well as The Cause. In fact, we had people spontaneously give us items to sell, which inflated the auction to the point our table could hardly contain the goods!

Which brings us to the first bit of site maintenance news. Although we did sell most of the goods we had for auction, and have raised a couple hundred dollars at least so far (I have to tally up all the shirts/prints we sold from our receipts/notebooks to get an exact total), there were a few items that sadly did not meet their minimum bids at the FM convention. So, we’re giving the online Zombie loving community a chance to buy them! The Lurch auction will shortly relaunch with a few choice items on Ebay, and if you couldn’t be there to help out in person, you can spend your money via the internet to support The Cause(s).

I’ll link that up as soon as we’ve gotten the Ebay auctions going.

On Sunday the ZRC was also interviewed by Eerie Radio about the cause of Zombie Rights, and I was asked a very pertinent question from the live audience: “How do Zombies feel about the way they’re portrayed in movies?”

I answered: primarily, the emotion that Zombies feel is sadness. They’re not *surprised* by the way society demonizes them, after all this time, or shocked, or even perhaps angry anymore. They’re just saddened by it.

Don’t make the Zombies sad! Support them, through the ZRC and in particular The Lurch for the Cure.

After talking with dozens more interested people, selling another bunch of pro-Zombie swag and collecting money for cancer research, the ZRC packed up and headed home, content in a job well done. The FM convention may have been, in all honesty, a bit more lightly attended on Saturday and Sunday than we’d hoped, in auction-terms, but it was still a great opportunity for outreach and spreading a positive message to the general, largely Living public.

The ZRC is grateful for this opportunity to work with so many talented people, speak with so many interested fans, and even converse with Zombie filmmakers and actors, who were very helpful with our Lurch projects. We give thanks for everyone we had a chance to talk with over this long weekend, and hope to have many more opportunities like this one to advance Zombie Equality.

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