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Live from Famous Monsters

Hello Zombie Rights fans! We’re here at Famous Monsters of Filmland’s first annual convention in Indianapolis, IN. We’ve had a great first couple of days, and I haven’t had much time to get away to post online.

I know, it’s the 21st century, but you wouldn’t know it from the hotel’s wifi.

Still, The Cause has been getting a lot of traction here. We’ve sold a bunch of merch, including lots of shirts to benefit the Lurch for the Cure, and we sold some stuff in our first day of the live auction. We’ve decided, after receiving several last minute donations, including some here at the convention itself, to stretch it over to Sunday.

This morning we had an interesting experience; we took an oversized version of our Zombies Forever print to the ‘Hall of the Undead’ signature room here and got it signed for the Lurch. Only one zombie movie personality turned us down, which meant we had over a dozen names on the poster, and it got snatched up in the first day of the auction.

Good job on your end of the Amnesty, zombie moviemakers/actors. Good job.

I’ll be uploading lots of pictures from the con soon, but to be honest, folks, it’ll be from my parent’s wifi tomorrow evening before we head back to Madison. If I tried to upload the pictures from the ZRC’s state of the art activism ready 14 megapixel camera, let alone the HD video… well, it’d be time for the NEXT Famous Monsters con before you got to see the video, let’s put it that way.

We were also interviewed for a podcast from Mail Order Zombie this afternoon, so we’ll have to post a link to that when it goes up. It was a productive conversation and we think it went very well indeed.

That’s about it for now, Z-Fans. We’ll be back tomorrow with a convention wrapup, then lots of pictures, video and other impressions. Next week we’ll get you reviews of I, Zombie 2, a couple of Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth issues, Marvel Zombies 5, maybe a couple of movies; we got a considerable backlog running up to the con.

Also noteworthy, we may be making some important site annoucements soon, including a new member of the ZRC staff who will be your go-to man on all aspects of classic Zombie lore, cinema and history. (Negotiations are still under way for this highly prized staff acquisition.)

Stay tuned folks; it’s a busy time for Zombie Rights.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


2 Responses to “Live from Famous Monsters”

  1. Hey guys – My wife and I were the ones who interviewed you for Mail Order Zombie. I’m not sure exactly when the interview will go out (I’ve sent it to Brother D who hosts the show).

    I did want to let you know that last night we recorded a Famous Monsters Overview for Mail Order Zombie last night and we mentioned the Zombie Rights Campaign. The interview will be released this Thursday (7/15/2010) at We’ll also have a link to the Zombie Rights Campaign website in the show notes for for this episode.

    Thanks again for the interview – My wife and I love the shirts! Tell Tim we said hi!

  2. John Sears says:

    We will tell Tim that, and thanks for dropping by with a comment. We had a great time being interviewed for The Cause (Zombie Rights)

    We’ll have to compare notes sometime, see how many positive Zombie movies we’ve each seen. The list is fairly short on our end, although there have been a few, like “George’s Intervention’ which showed last year at The Dark Carnival, and was very sympathetic toward Zombies, even those who fall off the human-wagon from time to time.

    Thanks again, and we’re very glad you like the shirts, which also will help you help us spread the pro-Zombie message.

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