The Zombie Rights Campaign Blog Now Not Only Selling Anti-Zombie Media But Making It?

A disturbing development from one of the web’s largest retailers, and from Cliver Barker as well, a man who I thought treated the Undead with more nuance than this:

Clive Barker will rewrite the action-horror film “Zombies vs. Gladiators” for Amazon Studios.

Set in ancient Rome, the film follows the aftermath of a shaman’s spell during a Coliseum event that unleashes the world’s first zombies. Consequently, a gladiator is forced to stop the spread of the zombie horde and save the city.

Since its launch in November 2010, Amazon Studios — the content development division of — has received more than 9,000 movie scripts and 1,000 series pilot scripts. Sixteen film projects are currently in development.

And none of them were Zombie Friendly? Seriously?

I’m aghast. Appalled. Annoyed. As a long-time Amazon Prime subscriber it saddens me that Amazon feels the need to sink into rank Undead fearmongering for a quick buck. Sigh.

At least with Clive Barker it’ll be weird enough not to be *boring* Undead-fearmongering.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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