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On ‘Doomsday Shelters’ and Zombies

Well, our brief agreement with the Zombie Research Society has to come to a crashing end with their endorsement, once again, of a siege mentality when it comes to dealing with the inevitable emergence of the Undead as a large-scale demographic phenomenon.

A literal siege mentality, actually:

Now, after a slew of gory news reports detailing what some have characterized as “zombie-like” behavior, internet searches and postings—often laced with humor and sarcasm—are blooming across the Internet, advising Americans on how to stay safe in case of a zombie apocalypse.

That includes “doomsday shelters,” says Matt Mogk, head of the Zombie Research Society, structures built to withstand various natural—and supernatural—disasters.

“These things are totally selling like hotcakes,” he says. “Zombies are synonymous with the end of the world. That’s why they’re so popular right now, because we’re all worried about them. We’re seeing them in the news every day.”

I don’t know what element of the post is saddest, actually. The fact that there’s a burgeoning market for high-end ‘doomsday’ condos? The part where Mr. Mogk questions why you’d want to spend the post-apocalypse of the world with ‘a bunch of strangers’ (a basically nihilistic way of looking at society, which is of course made up of large numbers of strangers)?

Or the fact that, still, in this day and age, we see the mainstream press present, without rebuttal, such a negative and harmful view of the Differently Animated. We really need a more progressive press when it comes to Zombie Rights.

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