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Another Zombie Themed Restaurant!

I like this trend of Zombie-themed restaurants for two reasons: 1) If restaurants start catering to the Zombie subculture, they may start marketing specifically toward Zombies/Zombie discretionary income and 2) It gives me an excuse to eat out for the ZRC.

So I was pleased to see Laughing Squid’s piece on a Zombie themed, and from the photos provided, relatively Zombie Tolerant eatery:

I was surprised to find out that Zoomies had closed and another burger joint had been “resurrected” in its place, a restaurant called Zombiez. Yes, Zoomies is now Zombiez and it’s lightly zombie-themed (nothing gory). The service is stellar, the fast food is really “slow food” and the new menu has a ZLT, Zombie burgers and more. Most importantly (to me), I was still able to get my fried clams.

Zombiez claims its food caters to your ‘inner Zombie’. I can only presume that means they’re happy to serve to your Outer Zombie too, if one happens to be Undead.


It’s a bit further than the Zombie burger place in Des Moines, but those of you in the Northwest should check out Zombiez and support Zombie Tolerant public spaces.

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