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The Zombie Rights Campaign at the Zombie March Chicago (2012)

We, your humble staffers from The Zombie Rights Campaign, embarked on a bold adventure yesterday into the very heart of Chicago to witness a stirring outing and show of solidarity amongst the Chicago-area Undead community and their allies.

You know, by going to the Chicago Zombie March.


It was a great event, and I have to hand it to the organizers for arranging a perfect route to peacefully, but insistently, demonstrate both the existence and number of the peaceful Undead demanding their personal autonomy. The march took us past buildings for WGN, the Chicago Tribune, NBC and numerous other media entities, who could all see, if they merely looked out their windows, that Zombies are here to stay.



There were many diverse Zombie individuals, with agendas and personalities all their own, and while the ZRC may not support all their ideas we are so proud that they can come out and freely associate and demonstrate for their respective beliefs in the Windy City.



And of course, there was just plain fun to be had as well.


A special treat for the ZRC was meeting with some other Zombie Rights activists!


For more pictures of this great day forward in the Undead Equality movement, you can see our Flickr set here.

We’ll definitely be back for next year’s march.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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