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Et tu, Fred Van Lente?!

I really thought we had made some progress with famed comics author Fred Van Lente. I mean, we had a productive dialogue, he gave us some comic books to auction off for charity.

It was all good, right?

Well, sadly, one must stay vigilant for it’s all too easy to fall off the Zombie Friendly wagon, and while we can’t be 100% sure that’s what’s happened here, with a story about a little boy who lives in a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ universe and wants to go Trick or Treating on Halloween:

“So he asks her, ‘What’s the purpose of us staying alive during the zombie apocalypse if we never get to have any fun? What’s the point of just surviving?’ He then sneaks out on Halloween night and goes Trick or Treating in a Spider-Man costume and events spiral from there. It’s a horrific but sweet little tale.”

Oh, Mr. Van Lente. The term ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ itself is so problematic! Not to mention prejudicial. We advise writers to avoid mention of apocalypses when talking about profound social changes. How about ‘Global Reanimation Block Party’? Or just ‘Mass Reanimation Event’ if you want to be more neutral on the whole thing.

Apocalypse? We beg, as usual, to differ.

I need to review the latest Marvel Zombies titles actually, and shall do so shortly. It’s clear that Marvel remains an enemy to the larger cause of Undead Equality.

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