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‘Anniversary Dinner’ Another Entry In the Zombie Spouse Sub-Genre?

At The Zombie Rights Campaign we support a fully integrated society, Living and Undead working and prospering side by side. Naturally this would extend to full marriage rights for the Undead, and, perhaps more controversially, the right for a Zombie to marry the Living person of their choice (and vice versa).

We know that supporting these mixed-Vitality Status unions will push the envelope a bit too far for some, but the ZRC cannot compromise on such a core Undead Equality issue.

Judging from the Independent Horror world, filmmakers have judged there to be a significant amount of fear associated with such blended families. In 2010 we saw ‘Alice Jacobs is Dead‘, a film about a man struggling to care for his semi-Zombie spouse amidst an obviously intolerant society, and it ruffled a few feathers here at the ZRC. Now one of our UK Correspondents brings us news of at least the second indie film to ponder the Zombie-Living marriage issue, unfortunately not in a terribly tolerant manner:

The plot is simple. In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse it’s the wedding anniversary of a man who’s keeping his zombified wife tied up in the spare room. From there what happens is pretty much exactly what always happens when you keep a zombie tied up in the spare room. Kids, don’t keep a zombie tied up in the spare room.

I think you can extrapolate a bit further there; really, don’t keep anyone tied up in a spare room against their will. It’s not cool, or legal!

Naturally, the point here seems to be that it’s ZOMBIES who are dangerous and unsuitable candidates for a long-term relationship. Excuse me, but who tied up whom in the spare room?

I rest my case.

Trailer embedded below for, I dunno, public shaming purposes. Thanks to ZRC pal Chris for highlighting it.

Anniversary Dinner – Official Trailer from gotta/enk on Vimeo.

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