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Cracked.Com Posts Photoshop Contest About Trials and Tribulations of the Undead

We’ve had more than a few heated (if, so-far, one-sided) disagreements with over their depictions of the Differently Animated.

However when they turn the topic over to their fans a somewhat more nuanced take emerges. Example: a recent photoshop contest where the readers were challenged to illustrate the problems facing Zombies in everyday life:

Movie zombies are slow and constantly getting shot in the face, but even they don’t show the everyday problems you’d encounter while piloting around a rotting, barely coherent corpse. We asked you to show us the harsh realities of daily life for the undead that movies leave out.

As is usual for they try to frame things about the Differently Animated in a very negative fashion, but the general public seems to be coming around more to OUR point of view. A few of these entries are actually very thought-provoking and empathetic!

Take #18, which shows the incredibly difficult experience of Shopping While Zombie thanks to Mr. Romero, Mr. Coulton and Capcom.

Or how about #12, which illustrates how Zombies could be victimized as test subjects in a world where ‘informed consent’ stops with your pulse. Chilling.

#8 sounds a more hopeful note, that the general public may, through appreciation of fictional Zombies, come to care for their real-Unlife counterparts.

And #7 and #1 show the often dicey-interaction of the law and the Differently Animated (a subject I feel more prepared to deal with daily as a result of my legal training).

Much better than I feared on the whole! Kudos to’s readership!

This story comes from our longtime tipster and correspondent Michelle Hartz, who might be able to help us guilt-trip her acquaintance Ken Foree over his role in the mall-based Undead Oppression. Here’s hoping.

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