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On Zombie ‘Parodies’

This short list of Zombie ‘parodies’ came to the ZRC today and, while we’re always happy to see alternative takes on the Differently Animated (in the hopes that they will encourage the general public to re-evaluate their stance on Zombie Rights), the ZRC has to object a bit here.

Zombies aren’t something you can parody, Paste Magazine. Zombies are people. Undead people, but people nonetheless.

As for the list itself, the works therein are a mixed bag, Zombie Rights-wise! Naturally the ZRC liked ‘Fido’ and hated ‘Zombieland’. ‘Shaun of the Dead’ is a bit more nuanced than you might expect on the Undead Equality front, and the Simpsons parody shows some (extremely unintentional) Zombie-Living equality.

But please, call them Zombie GENRE parodies. You don’t parody an oppressed and marginalized population.

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