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No End to ‘Walking Dead’ Merch

You’ve probably seen those ultra-cheap Jakks Pacific games in the toy aisles at your local big box store, the sort that plug into a TV using old-fashioned RCA cables (red, yellow, white) for a quick gaming experience sans the usual console. Usually they’re compilations of old 8-bit games, and often they come with a specialized controller, the only controller you can use (since it’s built into the gaming apparatus).

Why do I bring this up in regards to ‘The Walking Dead’, which has various gaming products for the shiniest and newest consoles? Surely they aren’t competing with themselves and a super-low cost alternative, right?

Well, wrong:

The third season of “The Walking Dead” doesn’t start until Sunday on AMC, but right now, for eager fans, there’s the Walking Dead Zombie Hunter video game.

Part of Jakks Pacific’s Plug It In and Play TV Game line, Zombie Hunter is similar to the company’s Big Buck Hunter games, except this time, your quarry can eat you before you have a chance to shoot it.

I guess this is a new level of insult for the Differently Animated: being the substitute targets for a glorified deer hunting game.


For pictures of the gun and such (and extremely enthusiastic editorial coverage) you can also see this site. Although for the record, these graphics were last ‘console-quality’ when I was in middle school.

Though I imagine the shotgun prop is the most important part of this package in the minds of bloodthirsty ‘Walking Dead’ fans.

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