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ZRC Rapid Response: Joss Whedon’s ‘Zomney’ Video

The Zombie Rights Campaign has addressed the issue of Anti-Zombie bias in Joss Whedon’s work before, but I have to admit I didn’t think Mr. Whedon would air his Living Supremacist dirty laundry again in such a high-profile fashion, especially in a naked attempt to influence a major election.

But he has. So let’s talk about it.

First, the video:

Repulsive, isn’t it? Let’s set the record straight for Mr. Whedon.

1) Zombies are not an apocalypse to be avoided, but a vibrant cultural and biological subgrouping of Americans (and other global citizens, of course). Whedon’s ugly stereotyping of the Undead (being unable to use money, all craving brains, etc) is expected but places him well behind the curve of history as this country moves toward greater Undead Equality. For shame.

2) Zombies do not belong to one particular political faction, and the Zombie Rights Movement is largely non-partisan, except where specific Pro or Anti-Zombie policies have been made.*

3) Neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney have addressed the needs of the Zombie American community in this campaign, much to the detriment of the election as a whole. The ZRC was especially disappointed that at neither the Domestic Policy debate nor the Townhall format debate were these needs discussed. Not a single question on Zombies! The Presidential debate moderators should be ashamed.

4) The concluding graphic of Mitt Romney in Greenface is among the worst, and ugliest, attempts at smearing Zombie-Americans by association I have ever seen. ‘Zomneys’, aside from a decidedly un-clever construction, is nothing short of a Living Supremacist political slur. What’s next, Mr. Whedon, now that you’ve slandered (at least, in your mind) the Zombie Community as right-wing extremists? Will you go after Mummies for being socialists? Perhaps attack Werewolves for being anarchists?

The intolerance is striking.

The Zombie Rights Campaign strongly condemns this attempt by Mr. Whedon to harass and defame the hardworking and civic-minded Undead across this great land, as well as his simultaneous attempt to spread the (unjustified, unwarranted) fear of the Differently Animated to an unrelated political figure. Mitt Romney is not a Zombie, Mr. Whedon. And being a Zombie is not a crime.

*For example, this organization called out the Walker government here in Wisconsin for voter ID ‘reforms’ with no provision for Zombie residences, as well as local Democratic politicians until they addressed the Zombie demographic’s concerns.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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