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‘Warm Bodies’ Trailer Plays Up the ‘Good Zombie’ Angle, Worries ZRC

We’ve talked about ‘Warm Bodies’ before on the blog, and the recent release of a new trailer has people talking.

From a Zombie Rights perspective? Not so sure about this one.

Don’t get me wrong; there’s a lot to like here, the potential sympathy and open-mindedness this film could bring to Zombies, and of course, the touchy-subject of Living-Undead romances.


There are troubling issues too. The ‘Good Zombie’ trope, taken too far, only justifies, rather than condemns, Anti-Undead prejudice. After all, if the ‘Good Zombie’ is so rare, shooting the rest is acceptable, right?

Wrong, naturally, but you see the reasoning.

The ZRC also cannot approve of this appearance/decomposition-based prejudice against the animated skeleton types, or ‘Bonies’, in the trailer. Undead, reanimated skeletons are people too!

There, I said it.

Still, we’ll keep an eye on this one for The Cause.

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