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NaNoWriMo 2012: Oops

So, posts on the site have been a bit light lately.

Ok, extremely light.

There are two reasons: one is that pursuing the degree to become the world’s first Zombie Rights Lawyer takes a rather shockingly huge amount of time/effort/soul-crushing despair.

The second is that, taunted by longtime ZRC collaborator/Lord of the Pit Michelle Hartz, I participated in NaNoWrimo again this year.

I actually completed it too! With a teeeeeeesny bit of padding perhaps. But I got a lot closer to following rules than Ash in Army of Darkness, so by the standards of the INDUSTRY, as it were…


The only real downside there is that my NaNoWrimo project didn’t have a single Zombie in it. I know, I know; what was wrong with me? I can’t really explain it. Somehow the story (which you will probably never see as it’s awful) ended up involving demons, witches, lovecraftian abominations, wizards, and probably a ghost eventually, but no Zombies per se.

Very weird, for me.

Next year I’ll probably do this again, and I promise to try and get Zombies into that one. Not that it will lead to the production of a piece of masterful Zombie fiction to counter the Max Brookses of the world; I suffer no delusions of actual authorship. But just participating in the process is useful, I think, in understanding and appreciating the challenges of those who actually do write Zombie Friendly books.

At least, that’s my excuse.

Now I’m going to bury this half-formed novel somewhere very deep and dark and get back to advocacy. A lengthy winter break is coming up from classes and I’m ready to get back into Zombie advocacy on behalf of the ZRC. Rested. Refreshed. Generally upset about injustice.

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