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‘Zombie Worms’ Eat Whale Bones, Do Not Seem Particularly Undead

Is eating bone a Zombie behavior now? Per se? When I think about bone-gnoshing, I think hyenas or some such. I’ve never seen Zombies stereotyped as like to eat bone itself. Usually bone-chewing only comes up in the context of crunching into a skull to get at the supposedly quite tasty brain (we don’t judge).

But there are, it seems, ‘Zombie’ worms in the ocean who eat whale bone. With acid.

Which in turn makes me think more of the Alien xenomorphs…


At any rate:

So-called zombie worms — and yes, they actually exist — like to munch on whale bones for dinner. The creatures also use the bones for shelter. Spread throughout the world’s oceans, zombie worms are quite adept at making the bones of whales and other large marine animals look like Swiss cheese.

A study published in the May 1 online edition of the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B found that rather than being “bone-drilling” worms, they’re actually “bone-dissolving” worms: The worms’ skin produces acid in large quantities to break down bones.

It’s a bit ‘Don’t Use the Zed Word’, but also fairly harmless to Living Zombie relations. Your thoughts?

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