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‘Vote Zombies’ Shirt Attempts to Marginalize Zombie Participation in Political Process

| March 15, 2012

We at The Zombie Rights Campaign have long believed that Zombies should have, and must demand (peacefully of course) a place at the table when it comes to politics. Showing solidarity with their fellow Undead, Zombie Walks for particular causes, meetings with public officials and vote-seekers, all are appropriate methods for the Differently Animated to [...]

The Zombie Rights Campaign Official Statement on Geek.kon Controversy

| September 7, 2011

We received a comment here on the blog recently from an ‘animelover’ who seems to have trawled our archives back for months and discovered the post covering the ‘Zombie Walk Against Walker’, a prominent and highly successful bit of political activism by the Differently Animated here in Madison last spring. For the record, as we [...]

On Yesterday’s ‘Zombie’ Protest of Governor Walker

| June 9, 2011

The ZRC’s twitter feed exploded yesterday with news of a controversial protest of enormously unpopular and markedly Anti-Zombie Governor Scott Walker yesterday. There were a lot of quite frankly hysterical accusations that the protesters, dressed up as Zombies, had ‘shouted down’ the governor at an event for the Special Olympics. Of course, nothing could be [...]

The ZRC Visits Walkerville

| June 4, 2011

The protests here in Madison are back in full swing as a tent city of sorts has been approved and permitted by the City of Madison just across the street from the Capitol* dubbed Walkerville. Things are festive, people are in a good mood, and I went down to observe and take notes on a [...]

Zombies and ‘Super Senses’

| June 3, 2011

I’ve talked previously about how the Zombie Rights Movement could take inspiration, if not exactly tactical advice, from the world of comic book superheroes the ‘X-Men’. How perhaps the best method for those who are Different to change the minds of the general fearful mass of humanity might be to simply, and visibly, do good [...]

A Filler Message from Governor Walker

| May 3, 2011

*snicker* Yes, I’m feeling a bit childish today, why do you ask?

‘Union Town’ Freebie from Tom Morello

| May 2, 2011

I trust nobody’s going to mind much if I talk about Madison’s ongoing activities if there’s free stuff involved: Singer Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine has always been a strong supporter of working people. Morello was so inspired after taking part in a demonstration and headlining a concert in February for the protesters [...]

‘Thunda Around the Rotunda’ Protest

| May 1, 2011

(One of my new favorite signs) For those who don’t like it when the ZRC blog covers Madison-area events not strictly about Zombies, you can skip this entry, and rest assured, Zombie news is coming quickly hereafter. I took a jaunt downtown to see the big motorcycle-themed protest ‘Thunda Around the Rotunda’ on Saturday, and [...]

Another Zombie Walk for a Good Cause

| April 13, 2011

Zombie Walks are springing up all over the place! Many are attached to other worthy causes too, like our recent Madison walk, or this upcoming one in Ohio: Looking for something to do Saturday May 14th at 5:00 p.m? Wanna help feed the poor in a fun and creative way? Well, in Columbus, Ohio, you [...]

The Zombie Rights Campaign Welcomes Paul Soglin, Our Zombie Tolerant New Mayor

| April 7, 2011

The Zombie Rights Campaign was, as previously noted here on the blog, very pleased to have two Zombie Tolerant mayoral candidates in the Madison election. Well, on Tuesday night, after a very close contest, Paul Soglin won the election: Maybe he is mayor for life. In a scenario unlikely only a few months ago, former [...]