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Harcos Labs Decides to Spread Prejudice with Anti-Zombie Viral Ads

Is there nothing Harcos Labs won’t sink to?

First, infamously, they market a line of food products allegedly made *from* Zombies themselves, which is heinous, disgusting and of course cannibalistic, since Zombies are people too.

Unsatisfied with cornering the market in sick, Anti-Zombie, cannibal snack products, Harcos has taken to a new ad campaign tailor-made for the Youtube era of short attention spans:

Zombie Babysits A Toddler

Seriously who decides that they want to let one of the undead take care of their children? There really is only one outcome that you can think of when that happens – the zombie is going to get their blood on the child’s clothing! Clearly thats what happened in this video, right?

Buy Zombie’s humor does bring up a point I’ve been meaning to address: Zombies need a brand of fabric detergent that caters to their particular needs. As our loveable mascot Tim illustrates, sometimes being a Zombie can be a bit hard on the old wardrobe, and the resulting stains, while in no way diminishing a Zombie’s humanity, are troublesome to get out using standard cleansers. Something a bit heavier duty that deals well with blood stains or slightly necrotic fluids would be just great. Maybe advertise it with a variant on the old antiperspirant slogan: “Strong enough for a mortician, scientifically engineered for a Zombie’

That digression aside, Harcos isn’t, contrary to Buy Zombie’s snark, on the side of the Differently Animated babysitter here, no sir. Instead they are trying, through the use of ‘witty’ internet humor, to drag the viewer to their own odious conclusion: that Zombies are not fully functional and equal members of society, but savage animal-like creatures that should be kept segregated away from the Living population.

Naturally, and conveniently, this would suit their bottom line just fine, relying as it does on the mistreatment of the Differently Animated.

Just look at the Living Supremacist way they talk about the Undead at their Youtube page:

Uploaded by 10secondzombie on Jan 27, 2011

Perhaps the parents should have thought twice before an undead babysat their little girl?

Yes, we can’t have *THOSE* people near our children. They have *diseases*, and eat strange food, and have different and obviously incorrect customs.

Where have I heard that before? Oh, right: every single racist group in American history. Their angry ravings are a bit like a mad-lib; just insert the name of the religious or ethnic group you hate into the blanks and you’re ready to go. Not bigoted against Zombies? Never fear, maybe Harcos will produce some ‘Italian blood’ next, or ‘Irish jerky’.


The first 10 second ad about a ‘Zombie’ babysitting is only one of a series in this campaign/pogrom, in fact. I’ve embedded the babysitting ad below, which links to several others, though of course, I don’t recommend watching any more than is necessary to get a feel for the vicious bigotry on display at Harcos Labs.

It is noteworthy that, in spite of themselves, Harcos’ insulting videos often make the Zombie out to be a more likeable and sympathetic protagonist than the vicious and trigger happy Living people in their ads. Truth sometimes gets through even in the midst of telling hateful lies.

At any rate, the Zombie Babysitting ad is below to give you a taste of what we’re dealing with here:

You can see the rest of the campaign at the ’10 Second Zombie’ Youtube channel which I’ll link here.

As usual, for shame, Harcos Labs. For shame.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


4 Responses to “Harcos Labs Decides to Spread Prejudice with Anti-Zombie Viral Ads”

  1. Hoalcraftd says:

    Yet your the president of a zombie rights internet site…

  2. John Sears says:

    I’m not sure I follow what your comment means. I’m the President of the ZRC, and I’m upset when Zombies are defamed. Those two things go together.

  3. [...] MONICA, Calif. – April 6, 2011 – In a post published on March 26th, the Zombie Rights Campaign publicly shamed Harcos Laboratories for both their portrayal of zombies in the video series “10 [...]

  4. daniel says:

    if your defending the rights if something that is not olny not real but dead and very homicidal, it kind of leads people to in conclusion that you probably have a little bit too much time on your hand and should look at getting out more.
    Keep recycling those zombies Harcos, its a sustainable industry!

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