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Madison Update

Just for the record, things have been getting kind of crazy up here in Madison lately, and might start interfering with ZRC work next week, so I thought a quick update could be useful.

Basically, the union-busting law, which we feel is the thin end of a wedge to persecute all groups of collectively minded individuals working for a better life, including Zombie ‘hordes’, is in legal limbo. An appeal to the Supreme Court on whether the law’s passage violated numerous state regulations and protections (it did) is underway, and an injunction was supposed to prevent it taking effect. Only Walker and his Fitzgerald brother cronies decided to ignore that injunction and ‘publish’ the law anyway, which they say means it’s in effect now, no matter what those pesky ‘courts’ have to say.

In a nutshell, for a law to be in force in Wisconsin, the state has to publish it through the Secretary of State’s office, who puts it in an official newspaper for public notice. The injunction barred the Sec. of State from doing that, so he hasn’t; Walker had someone else print out a copy and called it ‘published’, claiming the injunction didn’t stop him from doing that. (It also didn’t say he couldn’t snort cocaine off an underage hooker, but he isn’t doing that… is he? Inquiring minds want to know.)

So here we are, once again, in a completely uncertain state of borderline legal anarchy. Sigh. This makes Zombie Rights agitating so much harder sometimes. Which reminds me, there is a Zombie Walk Against Walker slated for next Saturday, starting at 1pm on State Street by the Urban Outfitters. Madison Area Zombies and Zombie allies should totally attend! The ZRC will be there.

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