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‘Zombina and the Skeletones’

I was informed about ‘Zombina and the Skeletones’ on Twitter and then kind of forgot to follow up on it until now, which just shows… err.. how busy I am with many other ZRC projects, yes.

Perhaps a tiny bit unfortunately for the ZRC’s mandate, despite the name of the band, we’re not dealing with Zombie musicians ala ‘Rainbow Destroyer‘ or ‘Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies‘, but rather, a catchy horror-influenced rock band from the UK that sometimes uses their music to speak to issues of concern for Zombies and the Differently Animated:

Zombina and the Skeletones have been wrenching 100% pure rock n’ roll genius from the very pits of their tortured, vampiric souls since 1998. As a live band they’re the bloodiest and most funnest cult experience you can have short of sacrificing yourself to some goat headed deity in the woods on St. Swithens Night. On record they’re the ‘Beatles of Horror’, with ‘hit’ packed albums such as “Taste the Blood of Zombina and the Skeletones”, “Halloween Hollwerin”(sic), “Monsters On 45″ and “Death Valley High” a must in any self-dissecting ghoul’s collection…

They have a wide variety of videos up on Youtube, and by a happy coincidence, the most Zombie-relevant one is also my favorite, entitled: “Nobody Likes You When You’re Dead”, a rock lament about the unfair and unnecessary social ostracism that the Undead often face in society:

Rest assured, Zombina (and of course the Differently Animated in general); the ZRC likes you, Dead, Undead or otherwise.

It’s what we do.

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