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Women of Horror 2

Ahh, film festivals. The ZRC likes going to film festivals.

Last Saturday we went to the Women of Horror 2 festival in Chicago, and a lengthy post about it is just now going up because the hotel didn’t have free wifi, and the thought of uploading a ton of HD pictures with some pay system makes me feel a little faint.

I mean, seriously. This new camera has 14 gorgeous megapixels of Zombie-capturing resolution.

So, first the textual recap. The ZRC once again had a booth to offer up literature and merchandise to an eager public. We sold several of our shiny new Lurch for the Cure shirts, and for once the gods of sizing fortune smiled upon us, so we didn’t run out of any particular size and can put them on the online store this evening. Huzzah!

(Mental note: reorder literature. Running a bit low.)

We got to have fun discussions with a number of people about various Zombie-related issues, and picketed the theatre for a while to raise awareness. They weren’t exhibiting any anti-Zombie films, so it was less of a picket-line than a… picket session? Rally? Yeah, we’ll go with rally. The drivers on busy Milwaukee Avenue definitely took notice of our pro-Zombie movement, and we got some honks in support, which I’ll take to mean there’s a growing groundswell of support for Zombiedom and Zombie Rights in Chi-town.

Of particular note are a few Pro-Zombie events in the next month that the ZRC learned about at the festival. There’s a Zombie Prom, believe it or not, coming up in Chicago. Finally, a dance where Zombies can feel free to be themselves and show off their finery without fear of torch-bearing mobs. Also mentioned was a Zombie themed Tiki party on Sunday, May 30th, which could be a great time for any Tiki-loving Zombies, or Zombie-loving Tiki people for that matter. Come for the drinks with little umbrellas, stay for the Undead Suffrage!

We were also personally invited to come to the Zombie March at Millenium Park on June 5th. Thousands of Zombies and their allies will converge on the shores of Lake Michigan in a show of Living-Dead solidarity, which we think sounds truly awesome. The ZRC will commit to attending the March at a minimum, and is looking into its schedules for the other events as well.

After a long day of conversing about Zombies and selling merchandise for the Cause (and other causes as well), the ZRC had to call it a day and go back to its hotel. Once again we went forth into the wider world, and found, if not complete acceptance, at least a growing support for Zombies and their civil rights. Tiki parties? Proms? Rallies? I think Zombies are making a mainstream breakthrough at long last.

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