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Pictures from Women of Horror 2

Pictures behind the cut.

First, to browse the whole set you can just go here.

Here we have a shot of our booth at the show, and the art director posing patiently for me to take a shot with the feature laden new camera.


Here you can see some of our merchandise up close. The booth looks a little spare without a cloth, so for the Famous Monsters can we’re going to bring a tablecloth and have a shiny banner printed up.


Here we have a nice shot of the gorgeous exterior of the historic theatre.


Seriously, check out this great movie palace vibe the Portage has going on.


Here the Technical Director and all-around code-monkey shares a tender moment with the Horror Society’s Zombaby mascot.


Isn’t he precious?


Finally, check out the great space that they have for vending at the Portage.

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