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The Escapist Cannot Escape Anti-Zombie Stereotyping

I’ve seen ‘The Escapist’ described as thoughtful and intelligent commentary on the gaming scene, but from this latest post about the peaceful Zombie supporters’ rally responding to recent events in Leicester I have no idea how they earned such a sterling reputation:

If there’s one thing zombies love more than delicious human brains, it’s the hubris of British government employees.

On June 10 we ran a piece on the Leicester City Council, detailing the local government’s bemused reaction to a letter asking if they had a contingency plan in case hell should ever become full, prompting the dead to again walk the earth.

One week later, the Leicester City Council was overrun by a horde of 150 shambling corpses, clawing hungrily at the windows in a lethargic bid to sup upon a buffet of tasty frontal lobes and piquant hippocampi.

Fortunately for Council employees, no one was messily devoured, likely because the stunt was the brainchild of one James Dixon, a citizen who organized the “mass shamble” via Facebook.

Meanwhile, here in The States, zombie attacks are at an all-time low thanks to the vigilance of the Center for Disease Control (and, presumably, Frank West).

Really? ‘Piquant hippocampi’? You guys at The Escapist go all out when you’re defaming the Differently Animated, don’t you?

And what, precisely, does this have to do with their supposed core mission of covering the videogaming world? Nothing that I can see – even the original FOI requester seemed to base his irrational fears about Zombie ‘attack’ largely on the movie industry.

Oh, I get it; Zombies only belong in violent, Anti-Zombie videogames, right, Escapist? They should stay where they belong, huh?

Patently offensive and bigoted article all around. For shame, Earnest “Nex” Cavalli and shame on ‘The Escapist’ as well for publishing it and continuing in the misleading and bigoted attacks on Zombies that the blighted mainstream media has engaged in around the Leicester issue (see our post about The Guardian here)

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