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Think Geek Has Sale on Adorable Zombie Plushies

Sure, the way that noted Anti-Zombie merchants at Think Geek may have chosen to market this product is highly unethical, but the ZRC would be remiss if we failed to inform you that cuddly Zombie (and Vampire) plush toys are currently on a major sale:

$17.99 (save 56%) On Sale
$7.99 In stock

I have to warn those of you who are used to free or cheap shipping though; Think Geek doesn’t really do that per se. Still, if you want to bundle it with something else that’s not offensive to the Undead to make the most of your costs, like I did to get our review plushie, I might suggest astronaut ice cream. They also carry that, and it’s both delicious and completely unbiased as to who consumes its delicious freeze-dried sugaryness.

I wonder if Zombie Spokeschild Tim has ever had any? Ooh, I bet he’d love some.

(For those who are wondering: yes we still thoroughly condemn Think Geek here at The ZRC for their wantonly Anti-Zombie behavior, and no, we are not compensated in any way for bringing this sale to your attention. We just love adorable Zombies.)

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