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‘World War Z’ Production Has More Troubles

Mega-huge Living Supremacist adaptation of Max Brooks’ infamous ‘World War Z’ hit more snags recently:

World War Z, the would-be epic adaptation of Max Brooks’ oral history of a fictitious zombie pandemic and near-apocalypse, spent so many months in development hell that the project seemed doomed, even with the presence of director Marc Forster and International Movie StarĀ® Brad Pitt. Paramount Pictures finally put together a co-financing deal with Skydance Productions to cover the film’s huge cost, however, and just like that, it was reanimated and dragged from the grave. Forster continues casting, but he’ll have to do without two big names who were in talks several weeks ago, as both Matthew Fox and Ed Harris will not appear in World War Z.

In Fox’s case, this is due to a scheduling conflict, as he is set to play a villainous serial killer to Tyler Perry’s titular detective in I, Alex Cross. As for Harris, his lack of involvement in unexplained for the time being.

First? Nice color commentary there, making sure to get the Anti-Zombie imagery right up front in the introduction. Very classy.

Second, the ZRC can only hope that Ed Harris took one look at the vicious Living Supremacism in the project and bolted for the hills; if so, and he wants to talk we’d be happy to air his grievances and support of the Undead.

You have no idea how happy.

Sadly by this point even major stars fleeing probably won’t derail this train of Anti-Zombie hate. More news as it develops.

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