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Tasteless Attempts to Tie Zombie Apocalypse Film ‘World War Z’ to London Troubles

I really don’t know what to make of truly awful, mercenary and opportunistic ‘journalism’ like this sometimes:

Rioting, looting, muggings, cars and buildings on fire – London has witnesses apocalyptic scenes on its streets over the past three days.

Scenes which many said looked like those from a film depicting the end-of-the-world.

The star has been filming his big screen adaptation of World War Z – a world recovering from a global zombie war – in sleepy Cornwall.

The devastating aftermath of the attack on the capital would have provided the perfect set for a world struggling to recover from an attack from hundreds of millions of the living dead.

The piece goes on to note that, of course, the people who lived through real life tragedy would be unlikely to want to watch it again as background footage in a movie.

Honestly. Do you have to try and tie EVERYTHING bad, ever, anywhere, to Zombies

For the record though, this sort of blurring-the-lines between reality and fictional apocalypses has actually been done before. In the 2004 remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead’, the opening credits sequence plays out against a backdrop of a mixture of what appear to be real war/disaster footage clips and scenes shot for the film.

(Indeed, IMDB claims that some of that footage is real stock video of actual turmoil, but IMDB can be a bit flaky as the Cultural Historian points out, so take that with a grain of salt.)

That bit of unfortunate history aside, this latest attempt to marry the fictional, and farcical, notion of a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ to actual tragedy is appalling. For shame, Daily Mail.

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