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Kansas Lands an Anti-Zombie Film Production, ‘Zompocalypso’

Yes, Anti-Zombie movies are cropping up everywhere, and the Independent film world is chock-full of aspiring filmmakers who want to make their mark in part by demonstrating that they, too, don’t like the Differently Animated.

Consider this the Kansas edition:

RIVERTON, Kan. — If zombies are spotted outside of Riverton this spring and summer, the likely explanation is that they are actors in the zombie apocalypse comedy “Zompocalypso.”

From the trailer: “In 2012, two men retreated to a remote farmhouse armed only with a camera, a small arsenal and a case of expired beans to await the apocalypse.”


“The Midwest isn’t just a collection of flyover states on your way to the coasts. It’s America’s heartland, and it’s alive with stories,” reads the Corn Bred website.

Anderson said improvisational actors Chris Meister and Mike Manship play rural brothers Dale and Darren in the movie. One is a free spirit, the other a hard-core conspiracy theorist who believes that the end of the world thought to have been predicted by the Mayan calendar will be brought about by zombies.

This isn’t the first improvisational Anti-Zombie horror film we’ve heard about here at the ZRC either; is everyone really in that big of a rush to bash Zombies? Maybe they’re afraid if they write down their ideas the prejudice will be too obvious, staring back at them from every page?

I wonder.

Naturally, as befits this crowdsourced age we’re entering, they have an IndieGogo page too. As well as this trailer:

We’ll keep an eye out for further developments.

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One Response to “Kansas Lands an Anti-Zombie Film Production, ‘Zompocalypso’”

  1. The Zompocalypse is real, and I don’t think your takin it seriously enough. If you want to know the real deal, you know where to go.

    Here. You go here.

    It’s not about zombies, it’s about survival. And cats who play piano

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