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‘The Dead Mile’, Upcoming Canadian Anti-Zombie Film

We got passed the trailer for ‘The Dead Mile’ a while ago on Twitter and I’ve been remiss in not mentioning it before now, so here, take a look and be suitably outraged:

What’s going on here? Well, the film’s About page has some clues. Essentially we’re talking about a Zombie Apocalypse movie whose ‘outbreak’, ironically enough*, takes place at a Zombie Walk.

Points for originality, anyway. I’ve heard of Zombie movies SHOOTING at Zombie Walks (for free extras and background video), but actually being set at one is fairly novel. It’s also fairly ‘meta’, as the kids say. We’ve seen Zombie movies set during the filming of a horror movie already (George Romero helped get the ball rolling there with ‘Diary of the Dead’) so I guess the final stage is for a Zombie movie to be set during the filming of a Zombie movie which itself takes place on the set of a Zombie movie.

That should be properly confusing.

Back to the topic, ‘The Dead Mile’ looks to be both very Canadian (just listen to that trailer) and very hard on the Zombie population. And we here at the ZRC are ashamed. Where’s that famed Canadian tolerance and open-mindedness we hear so much about?

It’s a pity that this is the image Canada is now presenting to the Zombies of the world. A real pity.

*Dramatic irony, for you purists out there. The audience will be aware that this time THE ZOMBIES ARE REAL, hijinks ensue I’d wager.

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