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‘Vote Zombies’ Shirt Attempts to Marginalize Zombie Participation in Political Process

We at The Zombie Rights Campaign have long believed that Zombies should have, and must demand (peacefully of course) a place at the table when it comes to politics. Showing solidarity with their fellow Undead, Zombie Walks for particular causes, meetings with public officials and vote-seekers, all are appropriate methods for the Differently Animated to assert their personhood in a public forum.

Unfortunately, that phenomenon combined with the election year here in the US is leading to some mockery of Zombies and their place in politics:

This year though a new political party is entering the mix. One that has been shuffling along for years and now wants to use bbrraaiinnss to get ahead.

A lack of Anti-Zombie prejudice would be change I can believe in.

Yes, it’s another shirt demeaning the Differently Animated on sale from a wacky t-shirt website. I know, I know; fighting these creations is like trying to bail out the ocean with a spoon, but the ZRC continues the struggle regardless.

We here at the ZRC have a different image of Zombies interacting with politics, one that involves a meeting, not an eating, of the minds*:


Yes, that’s current Madison Mayor Paul Soglin meeting with the Differently Animated at a political rally last spring here in Madison.

He didn’t get his brains eaten either, Threadless. So think about that when you peddle your Anti-Zombie-Politics shirt. Remember: our clients are Undead, but they turn out and vote.

And that’s what should count, in a democracy.

*I couldn’t resist, plus sometimes you have to beat them at their own game. Even if it involves puns.

Thanks to BuyZombie for this one.

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