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‘Ask a Mortician’ Web-Series Bashes Zombies

ZRC pal Michelle Hartz, author of ‘Brains for the Zombie Soul’ (which you’ll be able to buy at Horrorhound in ONE WEEK), sent us a link to this webseries featuring a mortician answering questions about death, and, here, about Zombies:

I have to say, this is a truly unfortunate mishmash of fact and prejudice. Zombies are not *propaganda*, they are *people*. Sure, the alleged threat of Zombies is clearly used to advance certain goals and promote certain fears, everything from selling cars to promoting certain kinds of architecture to the more obvious putting butts in seats for advertisers on ‘The Walking Dead’.

But that does not change the fact that the real victims here are the Zombies! Attacking them for the negative stereotypes the media peddles about them because those stereotypes inflict collateral damage is tragically unfair.

For shame.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


One Response to “‘Ask a Mortician’ Web-Series Bashes Zombies”

  1. Michelle says:

    I think you’re being too hard on her. She seems very disappointed that people would be afraid of zombies. I think if there’s someone out there that would be open to hearing a zombie rights viewpoint, it would be her.

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