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ZRC Direct Action: Chicago Area Zombie Walk on September 10th

The Zombie Rights Campaign has been notified of a protest opportunity involving the new Resident Evil movie, RE: Afterlife, which comes out on September 10th; we previously discussed this technological leap forward in anti-Zombie cinema here. Our good friends at the Horror Society have teamed up with a local theatreplex that is (unfortunately) showing the film to arrange a Zombie Walk/counterprotest from 6-8 pm on September 10th at the AMC Loews Streets of Woodfield theatre complex.

It’s being billed as a fun time for all, but also a learning experience, as Living and Undead alike can come together to socialize in a welcoming environment. In a familiar but still controversial move, the Horror Society has arranged for Zombie ‘makeup’, sometimes referred to as Greyface, to be done on site for Living patrons. If it was anyone else the ZRC would be presumptively outraged, or at the very least concerned, that such makeup was being done for sensationalistic and exploitative purposes, but in this case we’re willing to extend the benefit of the doubt and assume that everything will be Zombie Friendly and above board.

So to conclude, please come on out to the AMC in Schaumburg on September 10th, and help show Hollywood that Zombies have numerous friends and allies here in the Upper Midwest.. friends and allies who refuse to stand by silently while yet another Resident Evil movie defames them on screen.

It’ll mean a lot to the Zombie community.

For more details, see this Horror Society flyer:

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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