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ZRC Review – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 2

The latest big anti-zombie anime continues chugging along (see what I did there?) and the ZRC continues documenting the mayhem below the cut.

In our first episode, we saw a steampunk Japan allegedly menaced by oddly steampunk Zombies, complete with iron hearts, called Kabane.

Our hero, a weapons nerd and supposed idealist, invented a weapon to effectively kill the Kabane Zombies (boo!) but was bitten by one in the process of testing it.

Fortunately, with a little home strangulation setup, he was able to avoid becoming a Zombie. Hooray?


Meanwhile Mumei, the blade-footed girl from the first episode, reveals both her superhuman combat abilities and a more skin-revealing outfit, as she also takes the war to the (presumed innocent until proven otherwise) Kabane.


Ol’ Knifefoot, we call her at the ZRC Compound.

Through a series of escapades the (mostly) Living cast make it to the train and get out of the city, where they want to throw our gun toting protagonist off the train and Mumei reveals he isn’t the ONLY part-Zombie around.



So far this is shaping up to be like Snowpiercer but with Zombies, cruelly exploited to keep the train moving.

The ZRC shall see.

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