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Using the Zombie Apocalypse to Promote Smartphone Apps?

| June 4, 2011

Talk about selling people on a Tiger Rock. Yeesh: It’s reasonable to think that cell phones would survive the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. We’ll call “immediate aftermath” one week. Suspend disbelief with us and assume all cell sites and wireless networks wouldn’t dissolve simultaneously, because it’s an apocalypse brought on by zombies, and [...]

An Anti-Zombie Propaganda Poster

| June 2, 2011

Here at The ZRC we produce a lot of Zombie Friendly, positive imagery of the Zombie Community to help further peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding between the Undead and the Living. Some others out there have very different goals, however. Witness this vicious Anti-Zombie propaganda poster from bizarre alternate history site Odious, isn’t it? [...]

Doritos Commercial: Surprisingly Zombie Tolerant

| May 31, 2011

There’s been a distinct trend of advertising in the last year or so that’s not Unfriendly to the Differently Animated. Case in point, a Doritos ad from a little while ago that the BuyZombie crew pointed us toward: I don’t know how we missed that. It plays with the stereotypical ‘scary Zombie’ tropes quite well, [...]

Outright Evil Pyramid Scheme/Company Store ‘Zombie Control’ Franchise

| May 26, 2011

When you choose to associate with unsavory and violent individuals and institutions it should come as little surprise if you are harmed as well, but still it’s rare to see such a crass and transparent abuse of trust between a business and its customer base as this franchise opportunity being marketed by a rabidly Anti-Zombie [...]

More Marketing of ‘Zombie-Proof’ Homes

| May 23, 2011

Is it just me or is there a serious trend in marketing homes as being somehow ‘Apocalypse’ proof? I suppose part of it could be the recent ‘Rapture’ hullabaloo, but that can’t account for the whole phenomenon, to my mind. We’re just seeing too many cases of previously existing structures with various security features being [...]

Mattess Makers Try to Sell You a New Mattress with Zombie-Baiting Imagery

| May 18, 2011

You know, every time I think that the ridiculous trend of combining absolutely everything with (hating) Zombies might finally have reached its peak, I see something even more ridiculous. Case in point: the Zombie Apocalypse, or rather its cliche imagery and tropes, are being used to sell mattresses, with sleep deprivation recast as ‘Zombieitis’. I [...]

Truly Epic Spam Comment

| May 8, 2011

I just wanted to point out to our readers what might be the most epic spam comment of all time, which thankfully slipped by Akismet and brightened my morning. Enjoy. Here’s a sample btw: ABSTRACT SYNTHETIC Telepathy = TECHLEPATHY – NANOBOTS replacing Neurons = You tube) MOLECULAR TECHNOLOGY ARRAY Molecular Nano = Radio Frequency IDentification [...]

Harcos Labs Not the Only Anti-Zombie Company with Youtube Series

| May 7, 2011

A loyal ZRC correspondent forwarded this to us on Twitter the other day and I was once again surprised by just how much Zombie-Unfriendly mischief people can get up to using Youtube: The Zombie Temp Worker is a comedy series created by PopCap and released on Youtube. It features an employee from PopCap dressed as [...]

‘Zombie Awareness Month’ Shouldn’t Be An Occasion For Spreading Hate

| May 7, 2011

You might think that the ZRC would be happy that this has apparently been declared ‘Zombie Awareness Month’. After all, Zombies do need more awareness – of their plight in society, their legal disenfranchisement, of the media’s endless campaign of misinformation against them and of the need for reform. Sadly, however, that is precisely the [...]

Honda has a Zombie Friendly Ad Campaign

| May 2, 2011

We’ve talked about automobile advertising here before on the ZRC blog, believe it or not, with the odious and hateful campaign Ford did for the Fiesta not too long ago. Thankfully there are more enlightened auto companies out there, and Honda has a new ad series that features a remarkably open and tolerant depiction of [...]