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Zombie Clock? If Only It Was Time for Social Justice

| July 23, 2012

Time is an important thing to keep track of, and the ZRC would dearly love a good Zombie Clock, suitable for helping track our engagements to promote Undead Equality. Sadly this isn’t it: I’m not sure if I like this or not. Don’t get me wrong. Visually it looks pretty damn cool. I’m just not [...]

A Zombie-Fearing Survivalist and His Money Are Soon Parted

| July 21, 2012

We’ve talked before on the ZRC blog about the cottage industry catering to those poor, misguided, paranoid souls who are afraid the Zombie Apocalypse is always right around the corner. You know the type. Stockpiling food, blades, ammunition. Wondering what sort of air filtration system their bunker needs to keep out Solanum or Trioxin. Scary [...]

‘Undead Warehouse’, Retailer of Shame

| July 13, 2012

We like to highlight the positives here on the ZRC blog, when we can. Activists, creative types, even retailers doing good work to advance the Zombie Equality cause. This isn’t one of those times. ‘Undead Warehouse’ is very, very Anti-Zombie. They have a tragically wide selection. Vicious, often graphically violent shirts about hating Zombies (take [...]

Enter For Chance to Keep an Anti-Zombie Board Game Off the Street!

| July 11, 2012

BuyZombie has a contest up where you can win the opportunity to keep a patently Anti-Zombie board game off the street. Clearly that’s the right thing to do, lest impressionable minds play this: Boo! You and your friends are suddenly surrounded by hordes of very aggressive zombies. But do not fret as we have some [...]

Robert Kirkman Teams with Hyundai to Create Anti-Zombie Car

| June 25, 2012

Really? Really: Hyundai is looking toward the future. Unfortunately it’s a bleak future, where humanity is on the verge of extinction brought upon by the Zombie Apocalypse, but, hey, you’ve got to plan for everything, right? The automaker has teamed up with the creator of the “The Walking Dead” comic book series, Robert Kirkman, to [...]

An Anti-Zombie Tarot Deck, Apparently

| June 22, 2012

I’m not exactly big into Tarot, though the art director used to play around with it. As far as card-games go, I always tended less toward quasi-mysticism and more toward Magic the Gathering (at least until it went full Living Supremacist of late). Still, this Anti-Zombie looking Tarot deck is unfortunate for all lovers of [...]

‘Zombie Fresh Mints’ : Offensive Breath Cleansing

| June 1, 2012

This is just crude stereotyping to sell a product at its worst: Suffering from hideous halitosis after gorging on humans all night? Banish brain-breath with these startlingly strong mints. Yes, because all Zombies gorge on humans all night long and have bad breath. Riiiiiiiiight. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies CLAIMS to be selling products for the, [...]

‘The Day the Saucers Came’: An Anti-Zombie Benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

| May 3, 2012

One of the biggest stories over the weekend that I wanted to cover in more detail was the launch of a major fundraiser for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund… one predicated on outdated Anti-Zombie stereotypes. It gets worse: the Anti-Zombie stereotypes in question were devised by Neil Gaiman, noted author and previously-suspected Anti-Zombie provocateur. [...]

‘Mmmm Brains’ Shirt

| April 13, 2012

BuyZombie has a blurb up about a new shirt catering to that recent and yet very pervasive idea that Zombies are obsessed with brain-eating. Because BuyZombie is a cut above average in reporting on Zombie stuff they note the actual origin of the myth in their synopsis though (kudos): Are you one of the legion [...]

Zombie Apocalypse Simulations Create Hateful Live Entertainment

| March 30, 2012

It’s a sad statement that much of the populace today lives in constant fear of a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. You almost can’t blame them; the media feeds our society a constant diet of Anti-Zombie terror and prejudice, from ‘The Walking Dead’ to ‘World War Z’ to an entire gamut of videogames, novels, comics and more. Still, [...]