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Shameful Anti-Zombie Pandering from E!

Just take a look at the story that E! Online is pitching with the headline ‘Brad Pitt Becomes Real Life Hero, Rescues Woman From Zombie Attack’:

While shooting a scene in which 700 extras flee a pack of zombies, a woman slipped and fell, putting her at risk of being trampled by her fellow actors.

When Pitt noticed the woman’s predicament, he rushed over, picked her up and carried her to safety.

“I don’t think she could believe it when Brad picked her up,” a set insider told the Scottish Sun.

So Brad Pitt stepped in to prevent a woman acting as an extra in his new Anti-Zombie film extravaganza from getting stepped on by a bunch of makeup-smeared people IMITATING Zombies (badly no doubt), and E! Online chooses to describe it as heroics in the fact of Zombie violence.

What the heck? So now when Anti-Zombie bigots rescue other Anti-Zombie bigots from potential harm in the course of making a Living Supremacist propaganda film that makes the bigots heroes and the non-existent actual Zombies the villains?

That’s a long way to go to defame the Differently Animated, E! Online. For shame.

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